How a hoist accessory the Dignity Cover exceeds expectations

If you are living with a disability or injury and feel your Dignity is being compromised, There are things that can be done to preserve your self-worth and help you feel like your needs matter within the moving and positioning process whether it may be in your own home, care home or hospitals, choosing the right equipment such as the dignity cover is important as this can make all the difference to someone's daily living, as the Dignity Cover it is a new solution to preserve dignity for individuals who need assistance being moved via the hoist method. The hoist accessory has been designed to make you feel more person centred within care, it provides security whilst being lifted, contributing to making you feel respected inevitably maintaining your well-being.

How the Dignity Cover exceeds expectations is that your needs are not a second thought you are the first priority, we believe you matter and deserve better!. the Dignity Cover has been designed for a specific purpose and has been made for individual use (provided with a name tag and storage bag), it is hygienic, non-friction, lightweight and professional.

Not only will the Dignity Cover be used first thing in the morning it can be used in lounge areas where there is usually more than one person and used within visits to the bathroom throughout the day, with no fear of cross-contamination as it can be anti-bac easy wiped and clinically washed.

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